Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Swaddle Older Babies (A Step by Step Guide)

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I'm the luckiest mommy in the world. My wonderful child sleeps all the time, and if I have to wake her up early she doesn't seem to be too phased by it. :) Since the beginning we have been using Aden + Anais brand swaddling blankets. They're very generously sized, so they have held my baby for 14 months and she still has room to grow. They're also SO SOFT. Whenever I go to a baby shower, I always bring some to the new parents because I think they're the greatest thing ever to come into my life. I love to share them with others. 

We still swaddle Tushie, even though she's 14 months old. She very much enjoys the comfort and I enjoy how it makes it easier to put her down even though she is larger. Around three months old she went through a very common time in our swaddling relationship where she pulled her hands out, and usually messed with her face while she was nursing. It was so frustrating and I admittedly lost my cool about it several times. I'm so lucky I have a great husband who was home during the rough nights in the beginning of Tushie's life. 

In the midst of this frustration, and trying to deal with it I discovered the . . . "Super Swaddle". Have you heard of this? Oh MY goodness. It's the bee's knees. Very basically, you have your swaddling blanket as well as an extra receiving blanket folded in half twice to make it long. Placed correctly, it will fold your child's arms in, and then you swaddle as normal. See below for some pictures. Tushie can still get out when she's ready at night, but when she is nursing to sleep she loves this super swaddle, which of course means mommy loves it!

 First, you have to gather your "ingredients". We have a nice Aden + Anais Classic Swaddling blanket and above that (next to the puppy) is our folded up receiving blanket

 After laying out the blanket you want to fold down the top corner of the blanket to provide a nice collar for where you are going to place the baby. 

 Then you will place the receiving blanket (which you have folded twice longways) across the top of the collar you just made. You can see a better picture of how you will place it here:

 Then you take your baby and put them in the middle of the collar on top of your receiving blanket.

Next you take the receiving blanket and fold it over the arm, as shown. It's really so simple. 

Then you tuck it underneath their body, so their weight will hold it in place. This also means when they want to get out of it, they just need to arch their back (which they learn how to do as soon as they wake up, I've learned).

Repeat on the other side and you will have a baby who looks like this. This baby is VERY interested in the fan above her head, which is why she's not looking in any of these pictures.

Then you swaddle as normal. Simple, eh? Don't forget to leave room for their legs to move freely when swaddling!

So there you have it. A simple step by step solution to those crazy children who wiggle their way out of a normal swaddle! I hope this is helpful!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

That Won't Last

These are the words I've heard countless times in my short mothering career. Whether it's about diapering my child in cloth, about her sleeping through the night, about her breastfeeding. 

Well I've proven them all wrong. My lovely daughter is 14 (or so) months old, and still in cloth, still breastfeeds, and still sleeps through the night. I'm very lucky to have a baby who loves sleep, I know.

I don't understand why there has to be so much negativity surrounding new mothers. Why does everyone insist on telling mothers that the dreams they have are dumb, or it's something they will never achieve? It's very heartbreaking to me.

So anyway, the point of this post was to show you my beautiful child in her Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, this year, and last year. To show the change in her and the consistency of a beautiful diaper. This has been one of my favorite cloth diapers since her birth, and I'm so glad it still works great for us! I can't wait to put it on my future child too! The first is today, and the second is actually exactly a year ago today! 

Look at how tiny she used to be! :) Love this girl!
Have a great day!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Many Changes

Everyone keeps telling me that we need to start a blog to talk about and remember all of the beautiful memories of my first child (who you can see we got pregnant with last blog post!) who did indeed end up being a girl, and we now affectionately call her Tushy. I am also now pregnant again with a little boy who is due in March. We affectionately call him "Dennis Quaid" so when I want something I can say that Dennis Quaid would like a milkshake. Then many laughs are had all around.

So the Navy has moved us around a lot. We started in South Carolina where husband did his nuclear training A and Power School. Then they moved us to New York to do his prototype training. From then, he was picked up to do some other awesome nuclear stuff, and now we're finally at our first real command with a real ship, and he actually gets to see the ocean for the first time in the three years that he's been in. It's sort of terrifying, but gratifying at the same time. He has worked so hard to get us to where we are, and we are so happy to have everything the Navy has given us. His ship is in the yards, still being built, so it's been smooth sailing since we got here several months ago. According to the ship, things will start to get difficult in March. Perfect timing for Dennis Quaid to get here and give us a rough time.

We are very happy and excited to be starting this journey, and I am happy to be documenting it. Aside from just my life, I also plan to write about cloth diapers, some of the other awesome things I've accumulated over the year of Tushy, and reviews on my opinions of them. I have a lot of great different diapers and diaper accessories, I would love to tell you all about them!

Talk to you soon!

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