Thursday, January 30, 2014

Giveaways I'm Entering: January 30, 2014

I'm asked all the time where I find my giveaways that I enter. I enter all sorts of giveaways from all over the Web. The majority of these giveaways are from blogs. So here are a very few of the giveaways I am entering, just today. Good luck, and happy entering!

First is a giveaway for some Woolzies dryer balls. I have a bunch of these in my dryer right now assisting in the quick drying of my diapers and clothes.
Dryer Balls Giveaway

From the same blogger is a giveaway for Applecheeks cloth diapers. I've never tried these diapers, but I sure have wanted to! Applecheeks

Buttons Diapers are a nifty diaper that I enjoy quite well. There are several blogs doing giveaways for those, here are a few:
Zephyr Hill
Nanny to Mommy
Bee Hive Buzz

Our Modern Day Fairytale
Mama Pure

Good luck! :) 

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