Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blessed with Baby Pocket Review

I've been trying out new diapers all week. Earlier I received a new GroVia all in one, and I thought for sure that would be the best part of my week. I've been so in love with them lately, specifically when the O.N.E. came out for a few hours before it was sold out. I wasn't sure anything could top them, but a few days later this beautiful little package happened upon my door.  Look at how beautiful it is!

The theme of this packaging fits in perfectly with Blessed with Baby's logo, and I just love when the presentation all flows together gracefully. Also, seeing as this company deals a lot with cloth diapers, I think it's a great tribute to cloth diapers past. When I was a baby, cloth diapers were not as wonderful as they are today. That deters a lot of new moms who want to try out cloth, because they have so much influence from the generation that raised them that cloth diapers are a hassle and they leak all the time. When I was pregnant everyone in the generation of my parents told me that I was going to regret investing in cloth. I wouldn't have the stomach for it, nor enjoy all the extra laundry that will come about. One person even told me that it was unfair to my husband that I would inevitably expect him to pick up the slack and do all that extra laundry. All these opinions are just falsities, and they were completely unwelcome. Cloth has come such a long way, and you will be able to see that here in this cloth diaper review. This diaper is nothing like the diapers of the 70s and 80s except that it catches poop. But I'm getting very off track here, let's come back to 2015 and these pockets!

This diaper has several features that I have gone gaga over since receiving it. I'm a huge fan of gussets. If I ever were to become a cloth diaper maker, that is the first thing I would insist on having. It's an extra line of defense against a poopsplosion, and it's just the bee's knees. You can also see the inner is very very soft, made out of microfleece. Those gussets though. They're the greatest! With the extra PUL in the front you don't have to worry about the lining folding up and getting your child's outfit wet either. Wonderful design, and beautiful print! 

Also, I have affectionately called this diaper "the diaper sleeve" because it has a front opening and a back opening for the insert to go in and out of the diaper. This is fantastic, and let me just tell you why . . . you never EVER have to touch the insert after it's on your child. You can just take that pee diaper off, stuff it in a wet bag (you should probably spray it first if there's any poop in there) and put it in the wash. The insert will remove itself in the washer. I can't count the amount of times I had to pull inserts out of one pocket opening diapers, which is annoying and time consuming. The attention to detail on these diapers is just amazing, though. Look at this wing!

As you can see, there are three snaps on the wings for an easier way to personalize fit. The middle back snap has it's own line of snaps for the hips to ensure no wing droop when your child is playing while wearing this diaper.  The wings are also monsters, which is adorable! I really just love this print so much! I can't get over it. Do you see that orange snap on the top of that picture?

Oh yes, you saw that correctly. Coordinating snaps. This helps me help my husband change the babies ("put the son's diaper on to at least the green snap!") and it's so cute to look at. This attention to detail again, really adds to the final product. This is a diaper I'm excited to take out of the dryer and put on my baby. My daughter also loves it because she enjoys telling me the colors of the monsters and counting their eyes. I'm sure you're ready to see this scary guy in action now, aren't you?

Incredible fit. I'm impressed with this diaper, it's a great fit on both of my children (my son is 19 pounds and 1, and my daughter is like 35 pounds and 2.5) and a real crowd pleaser. My daughter keeps chasing my son around and saying "let me see those monsters!" and my son crawls away giggling. It's a very sweet morning this morning.

This diaper also came with a contoured insert. What kind of insert you ask? A charcoal bamboo insert! Four layers of extra protection without the risk of compression leaks like with microfiber. I used to not really care for contoured inserts, but then I had a son. I love that I can stick the "extra" side into the front of the diaper for a little more leak protection from the hose of peepee messes. There is also a tag on this insert of interest to me.

Blessed with Baby is a registered small batch manufacturer that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations. This means that:

-Blessed with Baby products are tested for lead, flammability, phthalates and BPA. There is documentation of this if you want to ask the owner about it. 

-Products are clearly marked with who the manufacturer is, how to contact them, how to care for the product, when it was finished and a registration mark so in case of a recall you would be able to know if your product falls under it.

-you know your baby is safe

I don't think there's anything else I can say to top that last statement, so I will leave you with this picture of the equally adorable picture of the cloth diaper keychain I also received. Yes, it has an insert! I love it! Thank you for reading!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Little One's Pillow and Pillowcase Review

Little One's Pillow is a small American family owned business who are into making pillows for toddlers. They stand behind all of their products, which are made of organic cotton. I was sent a pillow and pillowcase in exchange for my honest review. 

I really love this pillow! It's the perfect size for my little two year old, and she loves it. She's always asking for her "Josie sized pillow please, mommy" and brings it with her everywhere. It's the same as our pillows except toddler sized. 

I love that you can use any pillow case with this pillow and it works out fantastic, or you can get the organic cotton pillow case from this same company. This pillow is medium soft so I don't feel like it's hurting her neck when she lays on it, but it's also supporting the weight of her head. She tells me that she loves it often, and she doesn't sleep without it anymore. I'm glad we decided to try it out!

This pillow is blank, I know the picture shows a little picture on it, but that's just the packaging, the pillow is an off white (because it's organic non bleached cotton). Only the best for my little girl, and I love this! It's easy to wash and comes out super soft and ready to hold a cute little toddler face right out of the dryer, unlike the shape pillows from Target. We have an owl pillow in my daughters room, and it's hard, and doesn't look too comfortable. It's harder to clean than this pillow, which you can just throw in the wash without worrying that it will change shape, or warp.

So why organic cotton? Well, here is a handy little image to help you see why it's so awesome. 

Why You Should Take a Fish Oil Supplement

I have been unsuccessfully looking for a great Omega-3 fish oil supplement for some time now, but everything I've tried has been pretty icky. Or expensive, or just . . . icky. I like fish, but fish oil is just horrendously gross, and not something I care to have in my mouth at any given time. But the benefits to fish oil supplements make it worth the ick, so I've continuously suffered for my health. Most people fail to consume enough Omega-3s, and it's not produced by your body. 

Let's talk about all the reasons you should take a fish oil supplement (source at the end of this post):
- Great for your heart. Studies have shown that eating fish or taking a fish oil supplement decreases your chances of having a heart attack.
- Gets the fat out of your blood. They help prevent the fat build up in your arteries.
- Brain and eye health. Specifically in children. We don't produce Omega 3s naturally, so you have to consume it to give it to your children in the womb, as well as in breastmilk. If you don't eat fish once a week you aren't getting this vital nutrient.
- Pumps up your immunity
- Pretty much everything else that your body needs to do, fish oil helps get it done.

Enter Quality Encapsulations: Omega-3 Fish Oil. 

I have to say I'm a big fan. There's no fishy taste. There's no fishy burps. They don't stick together in the bottle (meaning they are not leaking) and they're easy to swallow and soft. AND THEY ARE MADE IN AMERICA. Each bottle is a one month supply. I feel more alert and ready for my two babies after taking this pill in the morning, and I can't recommend it enough!

So where can you find this gem of awesome?

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All view are my own. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Packing for the Hospital

I drafted this whole post out when I was 39 weeks pregnant, a few days before I went into labor. Then I went into labor and had a baby and completely forgot about it. It's still great information, though. I hope it's as helpful to you as it was to me! ~ Beth Ann

This pregnancy has flown by. I feel like a giant bag of terrible mother because here I sit, 39 weeks pregnant and my son not only doesn't have a name yet . . . but he also doesn't have a going home outfit. To mask my terrible-ness as a mommy I have decided it's about time to pack a bag for the hospital.

There are a lot of links here that are referral links. If you click on them, I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

All of the links I've provided are to Amazon. I recommend getting a Baby Registry on Amazon, even if you don't end up using it. They'll send you lots of coupons and helpful tips when you're shopping, and it's the best all in one store around to send people to buy things for you. If you don't have people to buy things for your baby, it's great to get that completion coupon at the end to pick up anything you might need last minute with the awesome two day shipping. Yay for staying in your pajamas! 

Times are so much easier now since I've already had a baby, I don't feel like I need to look up every list out there and pack my entire house into my tiny little car in hopes that I don't forget ANYTHING. I've realized that it's only a few days, in the grand scheme I probably will not need all of the things I bring, and if I need something I didn't bring there are stores everywhere and the hospital really isn't that far from home. I don't ever want my husband to leave me alone at the hospital so I'd rather be fully prepared, but it's not that big of a deal if we forget something.

Here's a quick list of things that I deemed important enough:

1. Identification, paperwork for the hospital, and birth plan. Do you have a birth plan? It doesn't really need to be that specific. I had a long one for my first child and nothing went as I had wanted or planned so this time we'll just have the basics such as immediate skin to skin contact, and no bottles or artificial nipples and no food that isn't produced by ME. A good idea for this category is to call your hospital and find out exactly what you need to bring for them to process you. Some hospitals even let you check in before you even go into labor.

2. Going home outfit. This is where I'm a failure at pregnancy (what a great and totally forgivable thing to fail at!) because I still don't have a going home outfit for little guy. He's going to be the cutest though . . . whenever I find it. I also need to get some mittens for him, if he's anything like his sister he will definitely need them. Crazy face clawer. You will want something warm for them to wear, because no matter what time of year you're giving birth, it's going to be colder than inside your belly, and you'll want to keep that fresh new baby warm. Plus a baby all bundled up is just the cutest thing ever. To go along with this, perhaps a cute photo prop for all those cute sleepy pictures you'll be getting of little one! Also important for a going home outfit is making sure you have something with legs, so that you can strap them safely into their car seat.

3. Car seat. For me, the great thing about having children so close together is I can have them share things that I still have that still work. Ha! Lucky guy gets his sister's car seat. We use an infant carrier at first, because we really enjoy letting babies sleep. We'll see how this changes since we already have one child. Since we have an infant carrier, we can correctly install the base in our car without worrying about it being in the way of putting Tushie in her seat. I can't wait until we get our new car! :)

4. Electronics. We all use them, so make sure you pack all of your chargers and extra batteries. Don't forget memory cards! They're so important. Just go ahead and clear those out now so you'll have plenty of space for your new little one when the time comes. This time I want to bring a computer to try to help me keep my mind off of the pain while in labor. I didn't have anything last time, so who knows. Maybe it will help!

5. Toiletries. Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, contact solution if you wear them, eye drops, CHAP STICK, hair ties, lotion, your own shampoo and conditioner. Maybe some flip flops for the shower if you feel like you need that.

6. Clothes for you. Perhaps the father as well, or he could pack his own.  I chose a comfy pair of pants that I wasn't too in love with to sacrifice if needed, which for me means one of the pajama pants without pockets. Seriously, who invented PJ's with no pockets?? I also just wanted to wear flip flops. I wasn't too concerned with wearing socks. I didn't find nursing tops to be that necessary my first time around, so I will probably just stick with the looser tank tops that I wear normally and a sports bra or two.

7. Nursing Requirements. Nipple pads are a must, regardless of if you plan to nurse because your breasts are going to leak no matter what you choose. I also loved my nursing pillow, and sports bras that are easy to pull my breasts out of comfortably. Nipple cream (or coconut oil) to help with the initial pain of nursing and to keep those things moisturized. They also help you avoid having your nipples stick to your nipple pads. Ouchie!

8. Extra blanket. For some reason they don't have extras. Ever. So when your husband is trying to sleep next to you, you'll want to be able to give him a blanket (and maybe a pillow) to help him be comfortable too.

9. Swaddling blankets. I love these things. I didn't bring them with Tushie, but I use them with her ALL the time, so I'm going to want to start this little guy with them as soon as possible too. If you need tips on how to swaddle, check out this post.

I made a list of things that I needed to pack last minute that I still use every day, or often enough that I didn't want to pack it yet and not see it for a month, and taped that list to the inside of my door. That way when I am leaving for the hospital and not thinking about anything except meeting my son for the first time I will still remember to pack everything essential. The list included things like phone chargers, cameras, and chap stick. :) 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chia Seed Pudding

We've been trying to find more breakfast foods to eat during the week that are quick and easy to make. These are perfect because you make them the night before and then stick it in the fridge! We've been making these all week, and putting berries in them in the morning. My daughter is loving switching between a strawberry bite and a blueberry bite. 

2 cups almond milk
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup chia seed

Put everything in container (I used a mason jar) and refrigerate for at least four hours. Cut up strawberries and spread on top with blueberries. 

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