Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review: How to Make Art by Mel Elliot

"I could do that"
"Yeah, but you didn't"
So, how do you become the one who did?

Mel Elliot seeks to show you how. This isn't a book that teaches you how to draw, this is a book that teaches you how to see like an artist. I think this is the perfect book for adults who are looking to teach themselves how to art. With her wit and good natured humor, Elliot creates a leg for you to stand on in the art world. By following the exercised and trying out all the challenges she presents (such as a 13 question quiz about you, and exposing you to different mediums) this book helps introduce you to your inner artist. Each chapter comes with a seemingly easy exercise to help get your creative juices flowing. At the end of the book you will have quite the repertoire of work. The exercises are so simple and easy to make your own. I recommend taking a full day to up to a week between chapters to really let each lesson sink in. This book is full of great tips to help bring out the artist we all have inside ourselves.

I am currently fascinated with hand lettering. There is a chapter in here about that, as well as steps you can take to up your game. This book has really helped me to be more confident in my creations as well as more eager to try new things. Along with finding your artistic voice, this book contains the foundations of basic art classes you would have taken in high school. So it's like a refresher course, except it has more modern medium and techniques. Elliot exposes the reader to endless artistic possibilities and techniques. It's a great stepping stone into deeper reading (which she provides artists to look into with each new technique she introduces) if you find something you simply must try.

Also, I encourage you to try everything the book recommends. Look at all the links she provides, and find what makes you tick.

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  1. Interesting! Some of the paintings we like seem to be just paint splattered on a canvas. I sometimes think I could do that but i've never tried and it's probably harder and more expensive than it looks! Maybe I should read this book :)