Thursday, July 30, 2015

Did You Say Dryer Balls Giveaway? July 31 - August 14

Why yes, friends, I DID.

Today I'm giving away a 6-pack of XL dryer balls for your drying needs. You're going to love them! Please visit my review also, and then dive in! I received these dryer balls as a promotion free of charge in exchange for my opinions about them. Opinions are still my own.

There are a LOT of daily entries, so you can feel free to come back every day and boost your chances of winning, there is plenty of opportunity. Good luck!

The Darling Starling Pocket Diaper Review

The Darling Starling is a cloth diaper seamstress from the same area of Virginia as me. We haven't gotten the chance to meet yet, but we have exchanged many emails and it's LIKE we know each other. 
I met this diaper on Etsy a few months ago, and I fell in love with her. Look at this beautiful beast! I keep calling her a she because my daughter was the first to point out that "she is so pretty!" so a dapper lady she is! I imagine she would sing some great blues. 

She's loved in this house for sure! This art is embroidered on the back of some nice, soft red PUL. I dig this diaper. It has a set of two snaps on each side for a better fit, boosting a one size fit from 10 pounds all the way up to 35. My daughter is 33 pounds, so I believe it! The inside a lush suede cloth, so it feel great on the bums. Check out these pretty snaps, which include snaps over the wings, in case you have a little teeny baby. I also love the dark stitching along the bright red. It all flows so beautifully together for a beautiful and well crafted diaper. The attention to detail is definitely there. 

This shop owner and I are looking at a great diaper to give away later this week, if there's interest. Be sure to comment and let us know you would like to try one! We have a new, limited edition diaper that will be up for grabs. It's made specifically for this giveaway. How's that for exciting news?

Lastly, here are some ways you can check out the Darling Starling yourself, before the giveaway starts this weekend:

Etsy | Facebook 

So, are you excited? Do you want to try a diaper like this?
Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wooly Naturals Wool Dryer Balls

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love dryer balls. Is that a weird thing to love? I used to be the girl who put dryer sheets into the dryer every single load, and throw them away after a single use. I must have used thousands. The only contribution to my life they provided was a nice smelling load of clothes after they dried.

Wool dryer balls have a special place in the hearts of most cloth diapering families. When you're drying something that has six extra absorbent layers . . . it can take a lot of time. Before we got these, we had to dry our inserts and all in ones through the dryer twice. Drying time was around an hour and a half. It was ridiculous, expensive . . . very annoying. Now we have six dryer balls in our washer and it has cut down my drying time nearly in half! These are essential to cloth diaper users! Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not cloth diaper safe. When we made the switch to cloth, we had to change up a little bit of our wash routine. But with dryer balls, it doesn't seem like it's that difficult at all. My clothes still come out soft and smell nice without all the extra chemicals. I add a drop of essential oil to a few of the dryer balls every few month or so, and it gives them a great scent.

These wool balls include a cute carrying case in case you are traveling and want to take them with you (or you're moving!) and a silly little sheep coin purse. It's a great conversation starter for my green life when I take it out to get change.

Have you used dryer balls before?
Look for a giveaway for your very own set later this week! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fat Bottom Babies Bottom Soother

Hello. My name is Beth Ann, and I have a problem. With diaper creams. All the diaper creams. And calling my diapers by their given names. But that's a different post. 

Fat Bottom Babies
When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. I also knew that in order to cloth diaper, I had to use "cloth safe diaper cream" which is basically no zinc oxide. I thought this meant that I needed to search out every nook and cranny to find these little tubes of natural goodness, so I went a little crazy. I looked everywhere, and bought a LOT. We have so much that I have been forbidden to buy any more. If you've ever seen my cloth diaper stash, you would know that I don't take "no" well, and I usually end up getting what I want anyway. Which leads me into today's post. About diaper creams. Even though I have enough to cover all the tushies of the entire Navy, I still need to buy more.

We need to begin here today by talking about this packaging. LOOK at this packaging. I opened this and was immediately happy. Is it possible to get a package and not be happy though? The owner of this store, Tabatha, puts a lot of love and happiness into each of the products she makes, and you can see it through her unique and happy packaging and products. The names of her products are adorable too, she has fluff dust (bless my cloth diapering heart!) and bottom soother. How sweet do those sound? I wanted them in my stash simply because it's fun to ask my husband to bring me some Fluff Dust from the changing table. 

Unique to FBB is the great push up design of their diaper cream. Have you tried this in a diaper cream before? This makes it so you don't actually have to touch your kid's bum, which might be helpful if there is a bad rash. It's also a great changing table toy for little wiggly babies. I love not having to wipe my hands off on my baby's diaper before snapping it on. Wait, I'm not the only one that does that, right?! If you don't do it, you should try!

I like to think that I'm a pro at cloth diaper creams. I'm pretty thoroughly obsessed with them. I've tried hundreds, and I keep about the same amount in my house at all times. I love the versatility of cloth safe cream. When my daughter wants to put extra on her knee, or if she tries to put it on her face I'm not worried about it getting in her mouth and hurting her. I let her put some on my son also (she loves putting it on his belly which results in giggles all around) and it's okay to get it outside of the diaper area. My daughter also loves having diaper cream put on her bug bites. I'm not sure if this helps her at all, but she loves putting it on. She asks every single day for me to "put some stuff on it". All of these products that Tabatha stocks are edible (although maybe not tasty) so you don't have to worry about any toxicity in their tiny little systems.

If you're in the market for a new diaper cream, I can't recommend this one enough. It comes in some great scents, including Monkey Farts . . . which smells a lot better than you'd think it would based solely on first thought. Some other scents are blueberry tart, watermelon, and tea tree and lavender. I've smelled them all and I'm a fan of every last one! I think I like watermelon the best, most likely because it's July. What a great summer smell!

Lastly, before I leave you with the links to find these wonderful products, here is the wonderful Bottom Soother with our friend Jules, the traveling genius. She loves diaper creams too.

Where to find these goodies!

Facebook | Web Site | EtsyTwitter

Please go take a look at her sites and see her fun products. There is no better way to support a working at home mother than to buy her products. This mommy is a great one to support.

Do you have fun uses for diaper cream? Have you ever tried it for anything besides tushies??

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by Live Infinitely

I find myself to be a visual person. I enjoy a great looking product, and I am more likely to use it if it looks nice. Enter this water bottle. 

With a convenient removable basket, this water bottle is perfect for infusing fruit into your water. We have put strawberries, oranges, and all sorts of berries. Even mangoes! I think the most delicious thing we tried was the strawberries. Drinking water is obviously important to your well being, and Live Infinitely sends you an e-packet with your purchase of recipes for making your own water, and a calculator for how much you should be drinking a day. I need to drink a full three bottles of this water bottle a day.

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this product:

-It fits great in my cup holder of my car. It's not extra wobbly, and I'm not scared it's going to roll itself out of it's place. I'm a crazy driver, so this is important.
-It has two different lids, so you can easily reach the fruit tray at the bottom, and the two lids fit differently, so you won't accidentally put the wrong lid on.
-My toddlers have thrown this thing around for about two weeks now, and it's still holding up great. One of them even put a leash on it and dragged it around the house for a day. No leaks!
-It's pretty to look at my fruit while I'm drinking it.
-Dishwasher safe, and oh so easy to clean. All parts are removable and easy to clean!
-You can add lemon to your tea. Do I need to add more?!

-Maybe we can work on a different top for my sweet mouth to drink out of. I think a different spout option will offer more flexibility when taking this bottle on the run.
-Also, since we're being super specific about things that we could POSSIBLY need, how about a clip to hook this water bottle to a stroller? You know children take up every available cup holder to hold their rocks, pinecones and shoes? This would solve that!

So if you're on the fence about getting a new water bottle. I hope this encourages you to take the dive and get an infuser water bottle. Here is the link again to get it from Amazon: Here

Lastly, I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

6 Reasons to Buy Pandaroo 5 Layer Charcoal Bamboo Inserts

Here is a great bamboo insert for you to try! These are Pandaroo inserts, they're charcoal bamboo and they have gussets!

I love these inserts for a few reasons:

1. They're charcoal bamboo. Like regular bamboo inserts, they are extra absorbent (when compared to microfiber) and hold the pee better. You won't get compression leaks like you do with microfiber.

2. You're not paying for your extra absorbency with extra bulk. They are the same size as a microfiber insert, which normally is what comes with your pocket diapers upon purchase.

3. The dark color hides stains. These things are holding poop. They're going to stain. But now you don't have to see it!

4. Gussets! I love gussets. They hold the watery (exclusively breastfed baby) poops in better. With these being bamboo, you'll be able to have them against baby's skin and the gussets will add to your diaper's poopsplosion defenses.

5. I don't know if you saw that, so I'll say it again: You can have these inserts against baby's skin. Which means you can use them in any diaper. You can have them in covers, you can lay them over your limited edition pocket, to prevent stains. You can put them in an all in one for extra protection.

6. These inserts come with a neutral print wet bag. Which means you will have somewhere to put all these diapers after your baby uses them.

I've added some pictures of some popular brands of diapers with the inserts laid inside for comparison:

Above is a Thirsties size one cover.

 Above is a BumGenius 4.0 pocket. 
 Above is an Applecheeks size one cover.
Above is a GroVia hybrid shell. 

Buy yours here (affiliate)! Amazon
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.