Monday, July 20, 2015

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by Live Infinitely

I find myself to be a visual person. I enjoy a great looking product, and I am more likely to use it if it looks nice. Enter this water bottle. 

With a convenient removable basket, this water bottle is perfect for infusing fruit into your water. We have put strawberries, oranges, and all sorts of berries. Even mangoes! I think the most delicious thing we tried was the strawberries. Drinking water is obviously important to your well being, and Live Infinitely sends you an e-packet with your purchase of recipes for making your own water, and a calculator for how much you should be drinking a day. I need to drink a full three bottles of this water bottle a day.

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this product:

-It fits great in my cup holder of my car. It's not extra wobbly, and I'm not scared it's going to roll itself out of it's place. I'm a crazy driver, so this is important.
-It has two different lids, so you can easily reach the fruit tray at the bottom, and the two lids fit differently, so you won't accidentally put the wrong lid on.
-My toddlers have thrown this thing around for about two weeks now, and it's still holding up great. One of them even put a leash on it and dragged it around the house for a day. No leaks!
-It's pretty to look at my fruit while I'm drinking it.
-Dishwasher safe, and oh so easy to clean. All parts are removable and easy to clean!
-You can add lemon to your tea. Do I need to add more?!

-Maybe we can work on a different top for my sweet mouth to drink out of. I think a different spout option will offer more flexibility when taking this bottle on the run.
-Also, since we're being super specific about things that we could POSSIBLY need, how about a clip to hook this water bottle to a stroller? You know children take up every available cup holder to hold their rocks, pinecones and shoes? This would solve that!

So if you're on the fence about getting a new water bottle. I hope this encourages you to take the dive and get an infuser water bottle. Here is the link again to get it from Amazon: Here

Lastly, I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion about it.


  1. Very cool! I am always looking to try new bottles! I love infusers, they make drinking water so much more fun!

  2. Sounds like a great bottle!! I actually just invested in one and was wondering things I could infuse into my water!! Thanks for the great ideas!! Can't wait to try mine!