Friday, July 3, 2015

Natural Microfiber Duster (With No Chemicals!)

Let's talk about microfiber dusters. You're probably familiar with Swiffer, which is available at almost any big box retailer you can find. They're around $12 for a handle and three disposable dusters. Then you'll need to keep buying the replacements, because they aren't reusable (they have a special adhesive inside the fibers to collect dust) which will run you another $8-$10 for three more replacement dusters. All of these pieces will end up in the landfill when you're done, and you'll continue to buy more replacements for the life of the plastic handle. 

OR. You could get this Pure Care Microfiber duster. Like a Swiffer, it's simple to use, adjustable and soft. Unlike the Swiffer it doesn't contain chemicals or adhesives to make it "3x more effective than a feather duster" it just has thinner fibers (and millions more) creating more surface area to collect dust. It is only $17.99 for a much better product built to last much longer.

Recently, my little family made the big decision to buy a house. We found one that we loved in a neighborhood we couldn't resist. When we moved in there were still things remaining from the previous owner, including light fixtures. They were all older, but still pretty and functional, so we kept them. A good dusting is all they needed to look better and newer. I'm really glad we decided to try this product, because it worked great. Cleaning the fans was simple because the microfiber head is bendable. After each fan we washed off the duster by detaching the head from the aluminum arm and running it under warm water. Most of the dust came off that way, but I also squeezed it while running it under the water to get the remaining dust off. I let it dry before using it again, which took less than an hour thanks to the thinner fibers. 

I love having natural options available that aren't putting chemicals around my children. Cleaning can very easily be something we do as a family with this product instead of something I have to wait for my children to fall asleep to do. Even my one year old can help!

When we first received this duster, my daughter insisted that it was hers, and she wanted to cuddle it. I had no complaints about her hugging and squeezing it because there aren't harsh chemicals in it. I am comfortable with her playing with it because it's not just plastic, the arm is aluminum, so I knew she wouldn't be able to break it. It's been two weeks and we're finally getting it back from her, so I can provide a review. 

You can purchase your own here!

I received this product for free in order to provide my honest review.


  1. She is too cute! Love when the kiddos help me clean, at about 1-2yo I give them a rag with warm water (no chemical cleaners needed) and tell them to wash the tablets or even the walls, walls can always use a wipe down in a house with boys!

    1. I am not looking forward to that! I have just one boy, and he's already a mess! Haha

  2. This sound like the kind of duster i need to get. it sound better then one u have to replace

  3. We need some of these for our house. We have two dogs and seem to collect a lot of dust and dog fur.