Monday, August 31, 2015

Too Cool For Drool Giveaway Hop! Ends Sept 14

Well hey everyone! It looks like it's time for another giveaway, and I am so ready to host it. Are you ready to enter?

Winner will receive the multi use salve pictured above, as well as a "Summer Snow" for those muscle pains and migraines. The relief is real, and I am so excited to share it with you!  :) 

Most of the entries are daily, so please come back often and get as many as you can! 

You can find these products here! There is also a great promotion for ten percent off! TAKETEN10

It's a hop, so be sure to enter all the other giveaways here!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Local Spotlight: Itch Witch

Summertime is filled with bumps, bruises, bites, scratches and scrapes. We moved out of an apartment and into a house in March, so we spend copious amounts of time outside playing. We have a huge yard, a golden retriever and two toddlers, the injuries are a plenty. We end most days counting bug bites and finding ways to relieve the pain and itchies. Our mornings are filled with "don't itch that please!" from all the bug bites. 

My daughter is what some would call high maintenance. We totally groomed her to be such, but it's still our reality. She needs to talk everything out, and everything always needs medical attention. I hope someday this obsession with fixing things turns into the drive to become a doctor. The last few months my daughter has discovered bug bites. She itches them like crazy (she's a toddler, why wouldn't she?) and ends up with large raised bumps from messing with them. I decided to try this particular brand because it's called "Itch Witch"  so surely this meant there would be some fantastical solution to the terrible itchies my poor sweet baby had to endure. Well, I think this is our solution. She asks every time she has a bite -- or even if she has a line on her arm from sleeping on it -- for me to "put some stuff on it" and it's always Itch Witch!

I'm a bit of a natural balm / cream collector. We have about eight zillion varieties of butt creams, natural all purpose creams, balms, lotions, and sticks. We have tried out a lot. This is different, because it's a salve. This product is much less messy because it's a solid. You have to provide a little friction to get some out. I feel more in control of how much we use, and I'm very comfortable with this product. You rub it a little to get some on your finger and massage it into where you need it. It eliminates the option of getting too much, and it's not sticky. I don't feel like I need to wipe the excess off my hands after applying it to my child because it's a fine film over my finger, and it absorbs pretty quickly. It doesn't have any fragrance added so I'm happy to use it with my sensitive skinned son, and it is just great to have around the house. I've used it on my husband when he gets bug bites, my daughter's bites and my son's cradle cap. It has helped get rid of the dandruff that my son has on his head. I put a little on his head, wait about half an hour -- usually by giving him some lunch -- then give him a bath and it comes almost completely off with barely any scrubbing.

This product truly is a multi - use salve

Later this week we will have a great giveaway including this multi use salve and the summer snow that is also available! I can't wait to share it with you! 

You can find these products on Etsy!

I received it in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

FitWellYou Resistance Bands

Hey! I have another review for you! Today we're talking about resistance bands

I'm a stay at home mom. I don't have the extra money to throw at a gym membership, or an expensive home system. The majority of my days are spent wrangling toddlers. I didn't think I would like these bands because I didn't know what they were used for, or why. I thought they would break, or they wouldn't have any strength to them, so I wouldn't get any stronger. I can feel a difference in my strength now from when I received these around a month ago. I don't work out every day, and when I do it's usually for about five to ten minutes. I already mentioned that I have toddlers, they hate when I do anything that's not spend all my attention on them.

So why would this be good for you, my readers? Because most of you are also stay at home moms, or moms on a budget. You can't justify spending money every month on a gym that you often can't go to because your kids are napping, or about to take a nap, or don't like strangers, or whatever other reason. Here is the solution.

You already go to the gym? Well first off, I'm jealous that you have your life more in spec than me. Second, what about those days that you can't go? Or you want to do a little extra? Do you want heavy, expensive weights in your house where your kids could hurt themselves on them? Or would you rather have soft stretch bands that your kids can play with along side you? My daughter loves laying on the floor and stretching her little leggies with me using her little band. My son does it too because everyone else is doing it and he loves being involved.

Do you travel? You can bring these with you! They are SO little. They can fold up into a purse easily. That way you don't have to get out of the habit of working out just because you're away from home.

I know this all sounds like a sales pitch, and I guess it sort of is. But I do believe these things are a great addition to my life. I wasn't sure I would love them until I got them though. Now I'm glad we have three in the house!

You can get yours here! Amazon!

I received these in exchange for my honest review. 

When A Stranger Says Your Kids Ruined Her Night

Recently, I took my sweet little family out to eat with our best friends and their daughter, who is our daughter's best friend. We went to a noisy little Mexican restaurant with an open floor plan. My son, Joshua, was yelling happily for the majority of the time. Because he's 1. For the most part, it wasn't that bad. I was surrounded by tables with children at them, how could anyone single out my kid's happy chirps, when I couldn't even hear my daughter trying to talk to me from the other side of the table?

We were having a nice time catching up and being out of the house. Then, at the end of our meal, a happy looking woman who looked to be in her 50s approached me at my table. In the middle of this loud restaurant. She had a crooked smile on her face and I could see her clutching her purse tight while she rushed over to me, apparently to tell me something vitally important. She started off by saying "excuse me, I just had to tell you . . ." and I put on my best grin, while I waited for what normally comes next. "your son has the most beautiful eyes" or "I'm glad to see families getting out to spend time together, yours is beautiful!" if not one of those, it's usually some other compliment about my young family and how I should appreciate the wonderful little moments with them. Not today, friends. Not this lady. My smile was quickly wiped away when she proceeded to tell me how miserable her dinner was because of my family. "Your son has ruined my dinner" she said. "You need to keep your children home until they can learn to be silent". Silent. I was mortified. She felt like she was giving me great advice. "Practice at home before you bring them out around all these people who are trying to have a nice dinner". She kept going, and then when she felt she had said enough to me, the mother of two toddlers, I thanked her and she left. She waddled away clutching her purse tightly, feeling good about herself. I thanked the woman who just tore me apart.

At this point in our meal, I had struggled to keep all the toys on the table for all the babies to play with, I got up several times to get things off the floor and put them back in my child's hands. When she came up to me, I had taken around four bites off my own plate total and we had our food for over twenty minutes. I kept the same maniacal smile on my face (did this really happen?!) until she finished telling me that I ruined her day. It was probably pitiful to watch. 

This woman saw my children for twenty minutes, and decided that I should be ashamed of myself for bringing them into public. She believed I needed to keep them home and "teach them to be silent". I was crushed. I was publicly and maliciously torn apart by someone who didn't know me, didn't know my children, but assumed she did. She assumed that they are always "bad" by her standards. She thinks that her right to a quiet meal on a Friday night, at a busy and loud restaurant is important enough to damage someone deeply. I'm a mom. I spend time every day thinking I am a terrible mother, like most parents in my generation do. But this woman thought it was her right to come up to me with a smile on her face and say these terrible things to me, about me, in front of my children. This woman's cruelty has shaken me to the core. 

It has taken me over a month to truly feel better about the situation. It hurts to hear someone tell you all of your fears are true. You're a terrible parent, your kids will never fit into society, and you're a piece of garbage. But none of those things are true. Logically, I am aware she was having a bad day. I know I can't make everyone happy. I know everyone does not love children. One bitter woman's misery is not my responsibility.

This situation has changed me. I will never give a mother a dirty look for having a crying baby. I will never tell someone they need to teach their child manners, or they should stay home. The next time I see a parent struggling, I will ask them if there is any way I can help. Or I won't say anything at all. 

It is NEVER okay to tell a parent they are doing a bad job. 

You're a stranger to them, you don't know them. Your words are heavy, choose them wisely. Choose kindness. Every family deserves a night out. Don't take that away from someone. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Bath Scoop Brings All the Duckies to the Tub

We all need a bath scoop, right? Especially with toddlers, there are toys constantly everywhere in my bathtub. When they are put away, if not stored correctly they mold and get ruined. This has happened to many of my daughter's prized Mickey Mouse toys. Keeping everything where it belongs and off my floor / bathtubs / toilets / sinks . . . well that's ideal! I don't have to worry about stepping on toys when I get in the shower in the morning half awake. What a dream, right??

This scoop has a large basket and a wide mouth as well as several large vents on the bottom to speed up the drying off phase. You won't have to worry about toys sitting in a puddle of icky bath water until their next bath.

It also comes with a convenient clip to ensure that your new scoop has a home so it can always be put away correctly.

I received this scoop in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Find it here! Bath scoops make life easier!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Menu Plan Monday - August 10

Hey! Happy Monday!

I love it when I actually have my week planned out for meals, and this week I have it all ready to go!

This week:
Monday: Sloppy Joe's using turkey instead of beef
Tuesday: Orzo and Tuna (although I always choose quinoa)
Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday: Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: One Pan Lemon Herb Salmon and Zucchini
Sunday: To Be Decided

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