Sunday, August 23, 2015

FitWellYou Resistance Bands

Hey! I have another review for you! Today we're talking about resistance bands

I'm a stay at home mom. I don't have the extra money to throw at a gym membership, or an expensive home system. The majority of my days are spent wrangling toddlers. I didn't think I would like these bands because I didn't know what they were used for, or why. I thought they would break, or they wouldn't have any strength to them, so I wouldn't get any stronger. I can feel a difference in my strength now from when I received these around a month ago. I don't work out every day, and when I do it's usually for about five to ten minutes. I already mentioned that I have toddlers, they hate when I do anything that's not spend all my attention on them.

So why would this be good for you, my readers? Because most of you are also stay at home moms, or moms on a budget. You can't justify spending money every month on a gym that you often can't go to because your kids are napping, or about to take a nap, or don't like strangers, or whatever other reason. Here is the solution.

You already go to the gym? Well first off, I'm jealous that you have your life more in spec than me. Second, what about those days that you can't go? Or you want to do a little extra? Do you want heavy, expensive weights in your house where your kids could hurt themselves on them? Or would you rather have soft stretch bands that your kids can play with along side you? My daughter loves laying on the floor and stretching her little leggies with me using her little band. My son does it too because everyone else is doing it and he loves being involved.

Do you travel? You can bring these with you! They are SO little. They can fold up into a purse easily. That way you don't have to get out of the habit of working out just because you're away from home.

I know this all sounds like a sales pitch, and I guess it sort of is. But I do believe these things are a great addition to my life. I wasn't sure I would love them until I got them though. Now I'm glad we have three in the house!

You can get yours here! Amazon!

I received these in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. The gym membership these days are expensive.I'd rather exercise at home because it's convenient,and i save a lot of money doing it that way.I have resistance bands which i haven't used,but i will try them out.Mine aren't like that though,i wouldn't even know what to do with them lol