Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Local Spotlight: Itch Witch

Summertime is filled with bumps, bruises, bites, scratches and scrapes. We moved out of an apartment and into a house in March, so we spend copious amounts of time outside playing. We have a huge yard, a golden retriever and two toddlers, the injuries are a plenty. We end most days counting bug bites and finding ways to relieve the pain and itchies. Our mornings are filled with "don't itch that please!" from all the bug bites. 

My daughter is what some would call high maintenance. We totally groomed her to be such, but it's still our reality. She needs to talk everything out, and everything always needs medical attention. I hope someday this obsession with fixing things turns into the drive to become a doctor. The last few months my daughter has discovered bug bites. She itches them like crazy (she's a toddler, why wouldn't she?) and ends up with large raised bumps from messing with them. I decided to try this particular brand because it's called "Itch Witch"  so surely this meant there would be some fantastical solution to the terrible itchies my poor sweet baby had to endure. Well, I think this is our solution. She asks every time she has a bite -- or even if she has a line on her arm from sleeping on it -- for me to "put some stuff on it" and it's always Itch Witch!

I'm a bit of a natural balm / cream collector. We have about eight zillion varieties of butt creams, natural all purpose creams, balms, lotions, and sticks. We have tried out a lot. This is different, because it's a salve. This product is much less messy because it's a solid. You have to provide a little friction to get some out. I feel more in control of how much we use, and I'm very comfortable with this product. You rub it a little to get some on your finger and massage it into where you need it. It eliminates the option of getting too much, and it's not sticky. I don't feel like I need to wipe the excess off my hands after applying it to my child because it's a fine film over my finger, and it absorbs pretty quickly. It doesn't have any fragrance added so I'm happy to use it with my sensitive skinned son, and it is just great to have around the house. I've used it on my husband when he gets bug bites, my daughter's bites and my son's cradle cap. It has helped get rid of the dandruff that my son has on his head. I put a little on his head, wait about half an hour -- usually by giving him some lunch -- then give him a bath and it comes almost completely off with barely any scrubbing.

This product truly is a multi - use salve

Later this week we will have a great giveaway including this multi use salve and the summer snow that is also available! I can't wait to share it with you! 

You can find these products on Etsy!

I received it in exchange for my honest opinion.  

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