How to Create a Self Care Basket

"You're not acting like yourself" she said. "what's wrong?"

And then I burst into tears. 

Because what else can you do when someone calls you out for being overwhelmed, exhausted, and just ready to sob?

Maybe you've been here too. 

When someone you love tells you how different you're acting, or you're feeling out of your skin, it's time for a change. Or maybe just a break. 

A break is not always in the cards for me or my family. As a military spouse, I rarely get time to myself . . . even when I'm desperate for it.

This is where a self-care basket comes into play. 
Because you can't always go take a bath or do some yoga. 

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What is a Self-Care Kit?

A self-care kit is a collection of items to provide you comfort on those extra difficult mental health days. 

I put together a list of things you might want in yours, or things you could add in to one you may make a friend. This is meant for inspiration. I hope you find something you love.

First and foremost, you'll need a cute box. Michaels always has a sale on cute boxes. If you're like me though, you'll want to buy them online. Here are a few I like. 

What Do You Put in a Self-Care Kit?

  • Journal and Pen

    I have a special pen I keep with my notebooks, and a special pen I keep with my brain dump notebook and a collection of pens I keep with my planner.

    Do you love lists and stationery also? Because I'm pretty obsessed. Check out my ultimate list of lists. You can add them to your bullet journal, or use it to improve your mental health.

    I have a list of prompts that are AMAZING for stress relief you can access when you subscribe to my list, above!

  • Headphones

    When I'm feeling extra overwhelmed, I really need a break from the chaos.

    You might love noise-canceling headphones, or just plugging something into your phone so you can listen to an audiobook or music.
  • Nail Polish

    I talk about my nail chewing issue a lot. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I quit biting my nails last year and wrote about how you can too.

    It's incredibly calming to go through the fine motions of painting your nails.

    Focusing on these small strokes will help ground you when you're feeling your worst.

  • Calming Jar

    They aren't just for kids in time out anymore, and best of all, they're easy to make.

    Get a jar ( I like plastic jars because I have children haha)
    Add 1/2 cup glitter glue (or regular clear glue)
    1/2 cup water
    More glitter
    Add water until the jar is full
    Add more glitter because glitter.

    Shake it all together, and bam, you have a calming jar.

    Here are a few of the ingredient you'll need. If you are using it for a child also, I would recommend gluing the top on. Hot glue works great.

  • Mental Health Workbook

    Did you know people create mental health workbooks? Brilliant! Sometimes I need to sort out my feelings, and these often have the answers I need to hear.

    Another great book everyone should read is "Feeling Good", click to see. It gives you tips you will LOVE for dealing with your anxiety or depression independently.

  • Epsom Salt

    Did you know magnesium is the super supplement we all need? I talk about it in-depth in this article.

    When you're feeling down spray your legs with magnesium.
    If you're feeling down take a bath with Epsom salt (AKA magnesium salt)
    Need energy? Magnesium.
    Need stronger bones?  Magnesium.
    Tired? Magnesium.
    Need more patience? Magnesium.
    Need a new kidney? Magnesium probably can't help you. Sorry.
  • Self Help Books

    Hi. I'm Beth Ann, and I'm obsessed with magnesium and self-help. Here are a few of my favorite books for self-help, I hope you love them too.

    As I see it, there is always room to grow in your life, and there is always knowledge available for you to take and learn from.

    It's important to point out . . . self-help books, no matter how scientific, are advice. Take what you need and leave what you don't.

    If you think it's dangerous to try, don't.
  • Coloring Books

    What do coloring books have to do with being an adult? Well, they are a fantastic way to get into a zone.

    To focus on anything besides adulting.

    Get yourself a nice set of fine line markers, and get to coloring. You'll thank me for this later, I promise!
  • Mud Mask

    Will you feel silly? Sure.
    Will you also feel a thousand times better after? YES. 

    I wrote about a green tea mask I made once here. I don't like the taste of Matcha, so I didn't drink it, I added water to it and made a paste, then put it on my face. It's a silly post. 

    Here are some more masks you can buy on Amazon (I love free shipping, yo).

  • Essential Oils

    There are SO many essential oils available. I created a list of essential oils I have had success with you can easily access online without buying into a direct sales company. 

    Find my awesome guide here
Your self-care kit could have all of these items or just a handful. 

Maybe you'll want to have a weighted blanket in yours. If you do, I promise you won't regret it.

The big thing I want you to take away from this is you need to have lots of different options for yourself. 

There will be times when you don't feel like coloring, or you feel like you need some lavender.

Have you made a self-help kit?
Share your story below!


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