Us + 1?

Well look at that. Ya know what it means? Our lives are about to change drastically. We're starting this whole new life. I'm so excited, and we can't wait!

I've learned already (in the 24 hours since finding out that I'm pregnant) that a LOT of people have an opinion they want to share with me, and they're all super eager to tell me I'm wrong. But I'm going to try not to let it get me down. We're embarking on this beautiful journey. Heck, I don't think ANYTHING can get me down right now.

In addition to opinions, family and friends think I should have a blog for everything that I'm doing / going through right now. So here ya go! I went to blogger to start a new blog, and found this one that I already started (and clearly forgot about!).

So here is my newest life idea: Pink food. I want a girl, so I'm going to eat a lot of pink food to make this dream a possibility. Pink cake is the only think I can really think of to eat, soo darn. I guess I'm stunk eating that. Oh well!

I look forward to what my future has to hold, and I look forward to sharing it :)
Beth Ann
Beth Ann

Beth Ann is a mom to 3 crazy hooligans, and a wife to one (mostly absent against his will) sailor.

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