My Bath Scoop Brings All the Duckies to the Tub

We all need a bath scoop, right? Especially with toddlers, there are toys constantly everywhere in my bathtub. When they are put away, if not stored correctly they mold and get ruined. This has happened to many of my daughter's prized Mickey Mouse toys. Keeping everything where it belongs and off my floor / bathtubs / toilets / sinks . . . well that's ideal! I don't have to worry about stepping on toys when I get in the shower in the morning half awake. What a dream, right??

This scoop has a large basket and a wide mouth as well as several large vents on the bottom to speed up the drying off phase. You won't have to worry about toys sitting in a puddle of icky bath water until their next bath.

It also comes with a convenient clip to ensure that your new scoop has a home so it can always be put away correctly.

I received this scoop in exchange for my honest opinion about it.

Find it here! Bath scoops make life easier!

Beth Ann
Beth Ann

Beth Ann is a mom to 3 crazy hooligans, and a wife to one (mostly absent against his will) sailor.


  1. First- I need this! Second- your blog post title literally made me laugh out loud. :)

    1. I laughed the entire time I was writing this out because of the title! :)

  2. Oh yes!! We love our scoop!! Couldn't live without ours either!! Heaven forbid our "prized" car toys get wrecked ;) lol! Plus he can pick up his toys himself ;) Win win!!

  3. who would have thought that something so seemingly simple would make such a big difference! I love the speed at which you can scoop up all toys at once, plus it's kind of fun to do, which encourages the kids to do a little cleanup!

  4. I totally sang the title of this post! Anyhow, I'd love one of these for my boys' toys, I bet it would make cleaning up the toys easier.


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