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I’ve been trying out new diapers all week. Earlier I received a new GroVia all in one, and I thought for sure that would be the best part of my week. I’ve been so in love with them lately, specifically when the O.N.E. came out for a few hours before it was sold out. I wasn’t sure anything could top them, but a few days later this beautiful little package happened upon my door.  Look at how beautiful it is!

The theme of this packaging fits in perfectly with Blessed with Baby‘s logo, and I just love when the presentation all flows together gracefully. Also, seeing as this company deals a lot with cloth diapers, I think it’s a great tribute to cloth diapers past. When I was a baby, cloth diapers were not as wonderful as they are today. That deters a lot of new moms who want to try out cloth, because they have so much influence from the generation that raised them that cloth diapers are a hassle and they leak all the time. When I was pregnant everyone in the generation of my parents told me that I was going to regret investing in cloth. I wouldn’t have the stomach for it, nor enjoy all the extra laundry that will come about. One person even told me that it was unfair to my husband that I would inevitably expect him to pick up the slack and do all that extra laundry. All these opinions are just falsities, and they were completely unwelcome. Cloth has come such a long way, and you will be able to see that here in this cloth diaper review. This diaper is nothing like the diapers of the 70s and 80s except that it catches poop. But I’m getting very off track here, let’s come back to 2015 and these pockets!

This diaper has several features that I have gone gaga over since receiving it. I’m a huge fan of gussets. If I ever were to become a cloth diaper maker, that is the first thing I would insist on having. It’s an extra line of defense against a poopsplosion, and it’s just the bee’s knees. You can also see the inner is very very soft, made out of microfleece. Those gussets though. They’re the greatest! With the extra PUL in the front you don’t have to worry about the lining folding up and getting your child’s outfit wet either. Wonderful design, and beautiful print! 

Also, I have affectionately called this diaper “the diaper sleeve” because it has a front opening and a back opening for the insert to go in and out of the diaper. This is fantastic, and let me just tell you why . . . you never EVER have to touch the insert after it’s on your child. You can just take that pee diaper off, stuff it in a wet bag (you should probably spray it first if there’s any poop in there) and put it in the wash. The insert will remove itself in the washer. I can’t count the amount of times I had to pull inserts out of one pocket opening diapers, which is annoying and time consuming. The attention to detail on these diapers is just amazing, though. Look at this wing!

As you can see, there are three snaps on the wings for an easier way to personalize fit. The middle back snap has it’s own line of snaps for the hips to ensure no wing droop when your child is playing while wearing this diaper.  The wings are also monsters, which is adorable! I really just love this print so much! I can’t get over it. Do you see that orange snap on the top of that picture?

Oh yes, you saw that correctly. Coordinating snaps. This helps me help my husband change the babies (“put the son’s diaper on to at least the green snap!”) and it’s so cute to look at. This attention to detail again, really adds to the final product. This is a diaper I’m excited to take out of the dryer and put on my baby. My daughter also loves it because she enjoys telling me the colors of the monsters and counting their eyes. I’m sure you’re ready to see this scary guy in action now, aren’t you?

Incredible fit. I’m impressed with this diaper, it’s a great fit on both of my children (my son is 19 pounds and 1, and my daughter is like 35 pounds and 2.5) and a real crowd pleaser. My daughter keeps chasing my son around and saying “let me see those monsters!” and my son crawls away giggling. It’s a very sweet morning this morning.

This diaper also came with a contoured insert. What kind of insert you ask? A charcoal bamboo insert! Four layers of extra protection without the risk of compression leaks like with microfiber. I used to not really care for contoured inserts, but then I had a son. I love that I can stick the “extra” side into the front of the diaper for a little more leak protection from the hose of peepee messes. There is also a tag on this insert of interest to me.

Blessed with Baby is a registered small batch manufacturer that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations. This means that:
-Blessed with Baby products are tested for lead, flammability, phthalates and BPA. There is documentation of this if you want to ask the owner about it. 

-Products are clearly marked with who the manufacturer is, how to contact them, how to care for the product, when it was finished and a registration mark so in case of a recall you would be able to know if your product falls under it.

you know your baby is safe

I don’t think there’s anything else I can say to top that last statement, so I will leave you with this picture of the equally adorable picture of the cloth diaper keychain I also received. Yes, it has an insert! I love it! Thank you for reading!

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