If Your Kid Hates Veggies, You Need to See This

If you are one of those parents who has a kid who loves all food, and eats anything you put in front of them, congratulations. You’re too awesome for this post, and I’m not writing this to you. 

As for you, there, still reading. This is for you. Meet my son. He dislikes anything green, healthy, or not peanut butter toast. As his mother, I spend countless hours begging and pleading with him to eat his food, just one bite. Over and over again. Most nights end with my bitter defeat, and a plate full of perfectly wonderful homecooked goodness, not even one bite taken. I spend entirely too much time blaming myself, and wondering what I could have done differently to get him to eat. Perhaps I didn’t eat enough veggies while he was in the womb, or breastfeeding. Maybe I introduced fruit too soon, and now he will never like vegetables. Or maybe he’s just a three year old? He looks like a three year old. 

I’ve been desperately trying everything I can think of to get this dude to eat his veggies. So many questions haunt me while I lay in bed, contemplating what an awful mother I am to my vegetable resistant child. Why won’t my toddler eat vegetables? How do I get my toddler to eat? Do picky eaters eat vegetables? On my to do list most days are things like “google how to get toddlers to eat vegetables” and “look up toddler recipes for hiding vegetables”. But that’s not exactly the way I wanted to get my child to love food. I don’t want him to only eat vegetables if he doesn’t know he is. I want him to eat them, love them, and ask for them. That’s asking a lot of a three year old, don’t you think?

I thought so too, until I found Veggie Buds Club, a subscription box for vegetables. No, it’s really a thing that exists. Someone and their family put together a box to encourage a love of veggies by introducing a different veggie each month. November was broccoli, and I couldn’t resist. I immediately signed up as soon as I found it online, and we got it within a few days (I purchased it November 3, and it got here November 6). We were hit with a terrible flu and have been out of commission for most of November, but we are finally starting to feel better, and working our way through this box.

You know when you bring your kid to the play place, and there’s another mom there with her kids? You want to say hi, but you’re nervous they won’t like you or something? Then you notice some blaring similarity, like they also cloth diaper, or have the same diaper bag as you, and you think “OH MAN. I think we’re best friends now!” That’s really how I feel about this box. I found it, and I had to try it. I am not very easy to please, and I am so happy that we decided to dive in and purchase this. 

Each box comes with several different activities that encourage your child to interact with the veggie of the month:

There’s always an activity book with an incentive chart for trying out the food each month (the stickers have broccoli on them!), and ways to include this month’s vegetable in your meals, some coloring pages, crayons and a page of interesting facts.

A recipe to try that includes the veggie of the month!

A Veggie Craft! This month my children made a Broccoli Banjo!
Broccoli Game with everything needed to play
Broccoli seeds, and instructions to grow some veggie sprouts inside. 
If you decide to get the Veggie Buds Super Club subscription, you’ll also get a cool felt veggie, and a book featuring this month’s veggie!

I love how all of the different activities were separated into their own bags, with a laminated sheet with instructions. All of the different activities are branded with the same cute backgrounds of different veggies on the back, and I felt this box was prepared beautiful, with a lot of heart. Everything looks beautiful together, and is quality products, not just random things throw together and sold as a subscription box. I did not feel like I needed anything extra to supplement what we found. I feel like I found the greatest subscription box ever. 

Here are a few pictures of our Broccoli Banjo

 And here are my children (who normally don’t get along) taking turns putting the seeds into the glass, and pouring water on it. It’s been so fun to check on the seeds every day and see them sprout. 

The best part of this whole experience, for me, is watching my children’s eyes light up when we offer them broccoli now. We used to fight to get them to take even one bite, and now they agree to MORE bites than we offer them.

If you’re interested in this box, please click here and see for yourself.

What has been your biggest obstacle getting your kids to eat?

I am providing this review because I truly love the product, I was not given anything for free, or offered payment for this post. I do not receive anything in exchange for you subscribing either. This whole post is just my love for this subscription box, and the effect it’s had on my family! 
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