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Jack Be Natural is a natural parenting store founded back in 2010, before I had any intention of having children, by Stacy and John the parents of three beautiful boys. Their goal is to help educate parents about the benefits of natural baby products and provide those products at fair prices. Personally, I think they’re living the dream. After my children potty train, I will have to have a cloth diaper store in order to still get my diaper fix. Or I could just keep having children forever!

Why am I featuring this store? What makes them great? A quick search of reviews about them provides exclusively positive feedback. People just love their unique packaging (which is biodegradable) and their great attitudes. They are quick to email back, and have the biggest hearts. From reading over experiences people have had with Jack Be Natural, it’s clear they care a lot about their customers and would bend over backwards if needed to provide the best experience for the customer. Isn’t that heartwarming? And isn’t that what we want today? To be treated like a real person, and an important person, while shopping online is almost unheard of today. That sort of customer service will keep you coming back to this store over and over again.

Why should I shop here? They’re a US company founded by people just like you. A natural minded husband and wife, who just want to help the world be a better place by providing top notch customer service as well as great products hand picked for you. They stock some of the best brands of cloth diapers, organic baby food, baby carriers and nursing supplies. They have some of the fastest shipping times in all of cloth diaper landia, and that’s important when you want to be the first of your friends to get the latest diaper. Oh, and free shipping over $30, and a flat shipping rate of $2.95 under $30. WHAT? Yes. You read that correctly. So if you need those flushable diaper liners ASAP because you just started solids, and Frances . . . Holy Frances, you had no idea the crazy things that were going to happen down there. Really though, nothing can prepare you for what you’ll see . . . well then you can order it, and have them by the weekend. Since we’re on the topic of their shipping, let’s talk about how they leave you a handwritten thank you note with every purchase. Can we just let that sink in for a minute. When is the last time you came across a handwritten note? This note is special too, because Courtney has recently joined Jack Be Natural as a partner of the company! She’s a work at home mommy, just like a lot of us, how great is that? So congratulations, Courtney!

But Beth Ann, I have an APO/FPO address, you say. Can I still get the cheap shipping, or do I have to spend more of my hard earned money because my spouse or I decided to serve our country? Oh come on friends. I don’t mess around with companies who don’t care about the military. Look at my URL! Not only is the shipping rate the same, but they also offer a military discount when you contact them. Send them over an email, and they’ll set you up for a nice little discount as a small thank you for being so wonderful to our country.

And because this is 2015 (although they had it in 2013): There is an app for that. Yes. I’m serious. You can get all of the awesome goodness of JBN on your phone. You can place orders, add things to your wish list, look at all the pretty products, and get notified when new sales begin if you enable push notifications.

There are awesome rewards worth a look too. 

Let’s talk about fun products that Jack Be Natural has that I love, or think we should collectively try:

Epesencial. I used their Playful Wash a few years ago, and the cloth diaper stores I have used since didn’t have them available anymore. So we lost touch, me and Epesencial. It’s the first thing I look for when I’m buying things from cloth diaper stores. I have been disappointed a lot, but not today! They also have an eczema cream and bug repellent that I didn’t know existed that I have to try now, also.

Image 1

Little Green Pouch. My son loves food pouches, but at around $2 a pouch, I’m a little hesitant to buy so many. They’re expensive to stock in the house when I can make him his own food . . . but he hates spoons. I have a picky little fella. Jack Be Natural has everything you need to start using these economical pouches. There are obviously the pouches, then a mini funnel to fill them quicker and easier (and with less mess) and even Really Little Green Pouches for the littler amounts of food. If your kid likes spoons, they have a spoon conversion also available.

Image 1

Green Cleaning Products: These are crazy products that I didn’t even know existed. Crunchy Clean has an oxygen cleaner (read as: brightener) without the additives, so it’s cloth diaper safe! Or Gall Soap, which is a spot cleaner that’s also completely natural. WHAT? How did I not know about these things!?

Image 1

Boba Carriers. Not just Boba carriers, all the varieties. Boba Air, 4G, and Baby Wrap! They also have a vest so you can carry your baby in the cold weather without putting a jacket over their face. Which I’ve totally never ever done when taking my dog out in the snow. Nah. And teething pads! So your pretty carrier can stay pretty!!

Peak 4G

Rarps Shark Diapers. Have you seen these diapers. They are about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re sharks! With fins! They speak for themselves. I need one!

GroVia! I love this brand. They have worked great for us over the years, and I’m so happy to use them. Jack Be Natural has their whole line of products, including their beautifully purple limited edition “Little Warrior” line.

Image 1

If you like some of these same products as me, you should check out their May promotions. They have deals on some of what I have listed above.

So there you have it. A snapshot of all that is wonderful with this company. Have you shopped here before? What awesome products do you want to try from them?

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  1. I really love that you take the time to post actual reviews instead of generic or random ones like some other blog reviewers I've seen in the past! I love your quirkiness and honesty. I probably would have never heard about this great company had it not been for your blog post, so thank you!

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