Let It Go

I really don’t understand why this is, but I’ve noticed a lot recently that as mothers, we beat ourselves up a lot. Our children are going to grow up someday, and we didn’t adequately enjoy their time as babies. We spent a bunch of money on a camera, and only used it twice in the last year. We started a blog and don’t think any of our posts are good enough to post.

So I’m going to start here with letting things go. It’s okay to blog even if I’m not the greatest of all time ever. Every single post doesn’t have to be the most eloquent writing of my time. It’s okay to be annoyed at my children, and it’s okay to take terrible pictures on my expensive camera.

A reader friend messaged me this morning telling me basically all of this. I need to stop beating myself up. A blog is a blog, who am I doing it for but me?

Thanks for the ear (err . . . eye?) I look forward to writing again soon. <3 

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