Many Changes

Everyone keeps telling me that we need to start a blog to talk about and remember all of the beautiful memories of my first child (who you can see we got pregnant with last blog post!) who did indeed end up being a girl, and we now affectionately call her Tushy. I am also now pregnant again with a little boy who is due in March. We affectionately call him “Dennis Quaid” so when I want something I can say that Dennis Quaid would like a milkshake. Then many laughs are had all around.

So the Navy has moved us around a lot. We started in South Carolina where husband did his nuclear training A and Power School. Then they moved us to New York to do his prototype training. From then, he was picked up to do some other awesome nuclear stuff, and now we’re finally at our first real command with a real ship, and he actually gets to see the ocean for the first time in the three years that he’s been in. It’s sort of terrifying, but gratifying at the same time. He has worked so hard to get us to where we are, and we are so happy to have everything the Navy has given us. His ship is in the yards, still being built, so it’s been smooth sailing since we got here several months ago. According to the ship, things will start to get difficult in March. Perfect timing for Dennis Quaid to get here and give us a rough time.

We are very happy and excited to be starting this journey, and I am happy to be documenting it. Aside from just my life, I also plan to write about cloth diapers, some of the other awesome things I’ve accumulated over the year of Tushy, and reviews on my opinions of them. I have a lot of great different diapers and diaper accessories, I would love to tell you all about them!

Talk to you soon!

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