That Won’t Last

These are the words I’ve heard countless times in my short mothering career. Whether it’s about diapering my child in cloth, about her sleeping through the night, about her breastfeeding.  Well I’ve proven them all wrong. My lovely daughter is 14 (or so) months old, and still in cloth, still breastfeeds, and still sleeps through …

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Us + 1?

Well look at that. Ya know what it means? Our lives are about to change drastically. We’re starting this whole new life. I’m so excited, and we can’t wait!I’ve learned already (in the 24 hours since finding out that I’m pregnant) that a LOT of people have an opinion they want to share with me, …

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The Puppy

We got a beautiful baby girl puppy named Anchovy Pizza. Yeah. Well, what can ya do? With a face like that, ya can’t really lose. She’s so wonderful . . . however she IS still just a puppy, so she’s done a lot of damage to our house, and she’s definitely got a lot of …

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Our Wedding!

My husband and I got married in beautiful Lake Tahoe on October 16th of this year. It was pretty quick, our sister in law planned most of the details such as making the cake, finding flowers, helping us get a place to actually get married, and her sister took the pictures.  We didn’t really spend …

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