Preschool Bee Worksheets

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Bee Worksheets for Preschoolers

Hi. My name is Beth Ann, and I’m obsessed with adorable work sheets. I recently learned how to make them from home, so now I’m going to get a worksheet pack out once a week. This week we’re talking about bees. They’re adorable!

After spending week after week fighting with my son about going to preschool, we now do extra work at home, so he can have something to look forward to telling his teachers about. It has worked great for us.

I love ideas to reduce your time spent preparing, so these are done for you sheets, all you need is a printer, and crayons. If you want to reuse them, you can laminate these preschool printables to make them more durable. I think you'll get lots of good use out of these worksheets, they're going to help your little with their pre-writing skills, and small motor skills! Plus, these bees are just adorable! 

I made a freebie for you, it’s an adorable tracing sheet for getting the animated bees back to their little hive. It’s wonderful to help your little one with pre-writing. Tracing helps boost their fine motor skills, and if you convince them to say “buzz buzz” while getting the bee to the hive, they’re just the cutest little people.

I’ve also provided the same freebie on my teachers pay teachers account. If you love it, and are eager for more, I also have a paid option where you get several more sheets with lots of different activities for your little. 

Please let me know if you love it, or if you’d like more like it. I’m excited to be bringing it to you guys, and I have more in the works in different themes. 

Thanks for your support!

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