Awesome Preschool Graduation Gifts That Will Make You A Hero

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We are approaching my first child’s graduation from pre-k. Before I had children I thought it was ridiculous to celebrate such a small and silly accomplishment. Now that I have children I am thrilled to celebrate their education with them. She has already learned so much, such as phonics, numbers, writing, and even reading! I am happily surprised at the leaps and bounds she has made in her self esteem too. I love that when we go to the park or library now, she will go talk to a child even if she’s never seen them before. Something she would have NEVER done before we sent her to school. I’m so proud of her, and happy to give her gifts to help her grow and feed her love of school and education as she grows.

Preschool Graduation Gifts

Preschool Graduation Ideas

1. Kindergarten, Here I Come!

First off, I love books for children. We can relive that time she graduated over and over again, and celebrate her accomplishments together! This book has lots of poems about the changes Kindergarten will bring. 

Here’s the thing about Pete the Cat. He’s a household favorite here. I think he’s more popular than Mickey Mouse AND Catboy, and I’ll tell ya, it’s quite the accomplishment. This book might be a little over the head of the children who are graduating preschool or kindergarten right now, but I love books with great messages. This is a book of great Pete the Cat quotes about being cool and collected in life. Another great book of life tips is THIS book of “Suess-isms”. 
Speaking of Dr. Suess, how can this not be on the list, am I right? Dr. Suess has been in our little one’s life for years now, it’s only fitting that he will be with her through her educational journey as well. We have one of these books for each of our kids and we put a little note in the front asking the teachers to write out a special note to the future them, and we will give it to each of them after they graduate high school. 
The beginning of their education career is a great time to start off a photo album and memory keeper for years to come. There are places to put things like a list of their interests, what they want to be when they grow up, and who their best friends currently are. If you get it now, you can fill in the information for this year. There are also envelopes for each year and places for their class picture
This adorable little bear is a great cuddly friend your little can keep for decoration in their room or even for cuddles on their bed. I love the teeny tiny little tassel! You can personalize it with the year written on the top, or embroidered in the foot.

6. A Special Trip
What better treat to celebrate your accomplishments than a trip for some fro-yo, or out to their favorite lunch place. Maybe a special trip to the zoo, or aquarium. Think of something your child loves to do, or a place they always ask to go, and go! Celebrate!

My children’s Auntie bought this book for the family for Christmas last year, and sent it with all of the ingredients to do a few of her handpicked favorites. She’s a science teacher, so I knew the experiments would be awesome. This book is a fun introduction to summer, when you can spend time doing experiments and answering all the “why” questions. The first thing we did was put dyed water in a bottle with some oil, and then we put an Alka Seltzer in it, and watched the oil dance in the water, it was beautiful! My children thought it looked like sparkles in the water. They couldn’t wait to show everyone in the neighborhood their “experiment”.

What are the best gifts you’ve seen or given for kindergarten graduation?
Do you give gifts for kindergarten graduation?

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