13 Simple Self Care Tips To Triumph At Home

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Have you been wondering how you can practice self-care while stuck at home this quarantine?

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Being stuck at home makes it so easy to turn on the TV and veg out. It's when your boredom leads you to screens. It's when you let the dishes and laundry slide. When is the last time you changed your shirt?

Let's not even mention the showers.

But man. Those screens.

They suck you in until you are pulled away by your belly rumbling, your dog asking to go out, or your son yelling from the bathroom “mommy! I pooped!”

Maybe you're glued to your phone. Constantly checking the news, or social media for updates, or silly memes about husband-eating tigers.

If we're being honest with ourselves, we see this causes us to stress more.

I decided it was time to take away the things that stressed me out the most, and add in more things that relieve my stress.

Because I'm tired. I'm tired of being overwhelmed, frustrated, and DONE every day before noon.

Here are the tips I found most helpful in fixing my life during this quarantine. They will for sure help you too.

Take a Break from Social Media

I've heard people do this before, and I always think “good for them!”, but I like social media. I never saw the reason to do so.

But then I started to get overwhelmed by such little things.

A girl in my daughter's class had the Corona Virus. She was sick and in and out of the hospital for three week, she had a fever for 9 days, and couldn't catch her breath. It was TERRIFYING.

The next post I see on my feed, someone is inviting an Easter Bunny to their house, and inviting everyone to join them in our town.

I couldn't take the hot and cold, it HURT me. I wanted to scream whenever I looked at my phone.

I'm sure you can relate.

Give yourself breaks from both the news and social media. It's SO much information to take in, and the media is sensationalizing so much, it's easy to get caught up in the fear. You don't have to know how many people in your state have Cov-id 19 every day. It HURTS you.

This quarantine has been going on for over a month, and it's going to happen for longer. Stressing about the numbers is only going to lead to stress panic and anxiety.

So put the phone down, charge it in another room. Whatever you need to do to take a break and find more peace in your life.

Pay Attention to Your Kids

This goes hand in hand with taking a break from social media.

Those likes will still be there.

Take some time and read a book to your child, or build a castle out of blocks, or talk about the Mega Evolution of Charizard (the blue one that has blue fire on his tail and spits blue fire from his mouth is my son's favorite).

Any article you're reading on Facebook is probably sensationalized or meant to incite fear, so skip it for some tea with your child.

You'll never regret spending more time with your children.

I understand how difficult spending all your time together can be, I am a stay at home mom, but one of the most important lessons I've ever learned came during this quarantine.

  • Slow down.
  • Ask questions.
  • Listen to the answers.

Oddly enough, my most misbehaving child often doesn't want to misbehave. He has plans and he doesn't fully understand the consequences. We can talk them out and avoid the consequences all together.

Slow down. Take a deep breath if you need to. Ask questions: What's your plan? Listen. It will all make sense. When they explain their plan you can bring up things that might make them reconsider.

Plan “I'm going to jump on the couch because I'm a big Charizard and I'm learning how to fly”.
Mommy: “Wow Charizard, look at how much more room there is on the floor for flying!”

This doesn't ALWAYS work, sometimes you have to try a few things, but the key is staying calm.

It's Time to Focus on Your Physical Health

What better time, while you're home, to focus on your body, and nourishing it.

I don't mean work out until you can't anymore. I mean, find fun ways to use your body, and think of ways to take care of it.

What have you wanted to do for yourself, but never had the time for?

There are so many different things you can add to your life right now. Try a homemade mask, or call a loved one more, or take your dog for a walk.

Think about what fills your cup, and do more of that.

Find Fun Activities to Move Your Body

There is no better time of year to get out and move your body. The weather isn't too hot, although I did hear of some snow in the North (in MAY?!?), it's not going to completely stop you from going outside.

Going for a walk can help reduce your stress, get you some much needed fresh air, and will get your blood flowing. Click here read more about the benefits of walking during quarantine.

Don't Treat Exercise Like Punishment

Being stuck at home means we are doing more things in the kitchen (because it's just sitting there, calling us all day), or buying more comfort food to eat. This is okay.

This quarantine isn't going to last forever.

Hold off on the punishments for eating extra cookies.

Have you ever done a punishment for fun?

Exercise is supposed to be fun and healthy for you and your family. Go on a family walk, find some fun videos on YouTube, or make an obstacle course.

The key here is to remember to give yourself grace. It's okay for you to fall off the wagon right now, keep picking yourself back up.

These times are NOT NORMAL, it's okay to be thrown off.

Click here to see some of my favorite YouTube videos for working out.

Fill Your Plate With Great Food

The best way to get your body moving is to eat better. When you eat lots of sugary carbs, starchy veggies and junk, your body doesn't WANT to move. It wants you to sit down and watch another season on Netflix.

For me, listening to my body is the best way to eliminate those unhealthy types of comfort foods. I have always LOVED pasta, I come from a family of Italians!

But I noticed when I took it away, I felt better.

What's more, when I tried to eat it again, I would get super bloated and my body was angry for DAYS.

Moderation is key.

You can still enjoy those things, you just can't make it the whole meal. If you love toast for breakfast, have toast, but put avocado on it, or an egg on it.

If you love lasagna, you're my people, I would never take that away from you. You can still eat it. Make it a side dish. Fill your plate with veggies, and lasagna on the side.

Here is a great article about Moderation being the Key to Life.

Take Magnesium

Magnesium is the super nutrient you might not realize you're low on. I didn't.

The sad thing about modern diets is we don't get enough magnesium, it's often removed during the processing of foods, so when you buy food at the grocery store, it's usually already gone. ESPECIALLY shelf stable foods.

There are so many symptoms you probably didn't even realize were symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. Symptoms like forgetfulness or “baby brain”, sleepiness, and muscle cramps.

Click here to see when you need it, where to buy it, and every question you could possibly have about magnesium.

Add Creative Activities To Your Day

Self-care also means doing something just for you that makes you happy.

If you are a creative person, this might mean arts or crafts. Life sometimes gets in the way of doing crafts, so now you can use some of that extra time at home to break out those watercolors, bath bomb kits, or coloring books with the swear words in them.

What do you like to do to be creative? Here are a few ideas:



I love watercolor! I use a site called “Let's Make Art”, check them out by clicking here. The reason I love them is because they post free tutorials on their YouTube channel every Wednesday, and offer a subscription box if you'd like the paint, paper, and outlines mailed to you. If you don't subscribe, you still have everything available for free. It's my favorite way to spend my free time.

Watercolor pineapple on a pink and orange backgroud

When people visit my house, they're required to paint a picture with me, which always results in hilarious and fun creations.


Origami takes a lot of patience to start, but it's so fun to see what a few folds of paper can create.

I think it's such a lovely way to spend time with your children and promote creativity in them.

origami made simple book, next to a box of origami paper

Here are a few things you will need to start origami, you can click each one to check the price on Amazon.

Origami Made Simple (pictured above)
Paper (pictured above)
The Origami Book, similar to the other book I posted, this one is easy peasy to start with.


This will come as no surprise, but I love writing, researching, and providing awesome resources for my readers.

If you love writing, or have great ideas you want to share with the world, or want to add income to your family as a stay at home mom, this course is a great foot in the door. Blogging can be a really big endeavor, but this course will hold your hand every step of the way.

Click here to check out Blog By Number

Suzi goes through each step to get your started, and provides every tool you'll need in her introductory course. If I could only buy one course in my entire blogging career, this would be it. She updates it at a minimum of every year, and it's such a brilliant asset to have. I purchased it when it first came out, and I've been going back to it countless times to learn new things about blogging.

Every new beginning needs that first step. If you're ready for that first step, here it is.

Blog By Number

Create A List

Lists are amazing for reducing your overwhelm, for creating space for your goals, and for freeing up space in your brain for other things.

Of course, you can create a list from this list, or perhaps create one of these:

  • Things You Need to Do After Quarantine Is Over
  • Creative Things You Want To Try
  • Ways to Spend Quality Time With Children

I find it really helpful when creating lists of things to do to take away all the barriers of getting that task done.

Maybe you hate making phone calls, but you need to go to the dentist when everything opens back up.

Self care isn't all about pampering. Self care SHOULD be doing things like making phone calls you don't want to make for appointments you might not want to go to. I'm guilty of avoiding them myself.

When that's done THEN we can move on to pampering.

Try Pampering at Home

There is something to be said about the restorative benefits of pampering yourself.

It can make you feel like a million bucks, and give you that final push to make it through this time at home.

The salons and day spas are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Painting your nails can help you if you have issues with nail biting (I did! Check out my transformation to a non-nail biter here) or just love keeping up with your nails.

I love trying new face or hair masks, taking a hot bath with Epsom salt, or spending a nice afternoon working on my Animal Crossing town.

Here is a natural lotion you could create at home after buying a few products online.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    Thank you! I love these self-care tips, especially now when there can be lots of stress and not a lot of outside the house things to go do. I especially like the at-home self-care tip of creating a list. Genius! And your tip at the top of the post about slowing down, listening, and asking questions about the person’s plan is great. I tend to jump in with recommendations, but this would be more productive. 🙂

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