Rainbow Paper Plate Wind Spinner Craft

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Make this adorable St. Patrick's Day DIY Rainbow Paper Plate Wind Spinner. It's like a colorful and magical experience that you child can create. There is something so mesmerizing about wind spinners.

This easy craft is great for DIY, crafting with kids, and even home decor. I have this hanging up in my garage right now. If you live in a place where it doesn't rain as much–I am jealous– but also this could be an outdoor decoration.

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We have been spending so much time crafting this year. More than we have ever before, thanks to keeping our son at home. He's living his best life, spending all day with mommy AND getting to do all the fun crafts. Sometimes I wonder who is the luckiest though, because I am enjoying it all too.

This craft was a lot of work for his little fingers to cut the paper plate, but he LOVED coloring. You can do any pattern you want for this, but I split the paper plate like a pie, and colored the colors of the rainbow, one in each slice.

Then when we cut the spiral into it, there was a little bit of each color all over it.

My son just colored his blue, and that is perfectly fine.

If you're like me, you might have started this year feeling impatient and frustrated, and maybe even confused. Me too. But now, I'm grateful for the year that taught me how to love spending time with my children, you can read more about how to do that here. Every mom has the patience to connect with their children.

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The Best Books about Rainbows Books for Preschoolers

We love reading books ahead of introducting an activity or game, and this is no different. For this craft we talked a lot about rainbows, but once the craft was done he was VERY interested in talking about wind, and so I added books about both!

Here are a few books I have either purchased myself or found in my local library:

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You can click any of the images above to check the price on Amazon. The first one is an activity kit from Magic School Bus, and we found it so helpful when we were talking about the rainbow and weather related to rain, sunshine, and wind.

I was pleasantly surprised at how in depth the All About Weather book is. It's fantastic for reading to smaller children to give them entry level information about weather and how all of it works. I even learned some things!

Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers

Paper plate crafts are the best for crafting at home because they're so accessible. You cna get them at the Dollar Tree, they're easy to work with, and it's not a big deal if you mess one up. You probably have a collection of like 500 more in the cabinet.

Another amazing benefit of paper plates is how thick they are. Thicker than cardstock and printer paper, paper plates are AMAZING for preschoolers, who notoriously put too much on everything.

What Do You Need to Make a Paper Plate Wind Spinner?

I'm a big fan of switching things up in crafts. If you don't have the things you need or that I use, change it out!

Paper Plates
Coins for St. Patrick's Day
Hole Punch

So what happens if you don't have those things?

You can replace craft floss with yarn, or other string you have on hand.

You can replace paper plates with cardboard from an amazon box.

No hold punch? Stab it with scissors! Of course if you aren't the violent type you can just cut a notch and string it into the notches to hold it.

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How to Create This Paper Plate Wind Spinner With Your Preschooler

  1. Color your paper plate in a rainbow pattern
  2. Trace a spiral, making sure the middle is wide.
  3. Cut along the spiral.
  4. Punch a hole in the middle to loop string through to hang. If you don't have a hole punch add notches to both sides of the middle most part of the spiral.
  5. Add a string to the middle, for hanging up.
  6. If you are adding things, glue or tape them on now. I added coins for St. Patrick's Day. You could also put cotton balls to represent clouds.
  7. When completed, hang up. I put ours in the garage so it was protected from the elemets, but still moved a lot in the wind when we played outside.
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